Empowering ERG and L&D leaders with platform credits


Employee Audience

Members of ZERGs (Zynga Employee Resource Groups) hosted learning experiences for their communities

Learning Objectives

Each ZERG has their own mission statement, but themes include fostering belonging and providing community to collaborate and learn alongside one another

Topics of Interest

Remote Team Building, Career Development, DEI Holiday Celebrations, Manager Training

The Lineup

Closing the Confidence Gap
Trish Foster
Closing the Confidence Gap

Research demonstrates that women, especially women of color, face sometimes hidden workplace barriers. These challenges, along with a confidence gap, can play a significant role in a woman's career journey. This interactive, empowering workshop explores the impact of hidden barriers and lagging confidenc

Delayed Liberation
Shaunda Lewis
Delayed Liberation

The narrative that we are told in social studies class growing up in the United States is that President Lincoln freed the slaves through his signing of the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863. While this is legally true, many slaves throughout the confederacy intentionally weren't alerted of their freedom un

Navigating Change and Transition
Deborah Grayson Riegel
Navigating Change and Transition

In this hands-on practical session, participants will learn the fundamental differences between change and transition, explore their own fears, goals and hopes around change, get clearer about their mindsets and behaviors, and understand how to effectively bring other people along (starting with themselves).

Managing Burnout
Marc Stcherbina
Managing Burnout

The increase in remote workers has drastically elevated the incidence of burnout, due to factors such as the failure to separate work from home life. Participants will be better able to identify the signs & symptoms of workplace burnout and the risk factors that can cause them. They will also acquire the

Creating Your Own Career Success Blueprint
AK Ikwuakor
Creating Your Own Career Success Blueprint

Employees often have an idea of where they want to be a year from now or even five years from now, but how we get there? In this class, AK will help employees understand the following:What are you really good at today?How do you communicate your strengths? What areas of soft and hard skills can you impro

Relationship Building Remotely
Deborah Grayson Riegel
Relationship Building Remotely

In this interactive class, you will learn how to: Adapt your mindset, and understand the mindsets of our clients, Apply the neuroscience of decision-making in a crisis, Listen deeply in a virtual world, Ask more powerful questions, Show empathy, Get to desired outcomes without getting attached.

What Employees Are Saying

This was one of the most useful and well-handled sessions I have ever participated in while at work!

Thank you! We appreciate it. And thank you to Zynga for sponsoring this!

Very successfully interactive! Probably one of the ones that felt the most like a real workshop that I've attended via Zoom.

The instructor was very well educated on her subject content and very well spoken to hold interest.

I would love to have more interactive sessions like this. It makes a big difference in perceived zoom fatigue and allows for more engaging discussions.

An amazing presenter, very clear and engaged with every single message in chat! I loved the acknowledgement of those who are not on camera but still paying close attention.

How We Partnered Together

  • Empowered leaders throughout the organization with “credits” to use on the Electives platform
  • Leveraged the Electives recommendation engine to help decision makers
  • Provided learning nudges to employees after every class

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