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Electives Membership

Meet all the personal and professional development goals of your employees with individualized learning you can actually afford.

New live classes every week.

empower your people to
learn what they want to learn.

With Electives Membership, your employees can:

  • Choose from a wide range of monthly classes.

  • Engage in live, interactive learning experiences.

  • Earn credentials through structured certificate programs at no additional cost.

  • Benefit from top instructors and diverse content, continuously vetted for quality.

  • Enjoy an individualized approach to professional growth.

  • See your company's commitment to their personal development.

  • Learn alongside and network with peers from other companies.

  • Use their learning stipends to grow personally and professionally.

A new way to learn together.

A screenshot of the Electives Membership class selection page. “Explore All Classes” appears at the top, followed by topic categories and available classes for the month.

Choice and real-time interaction are at the forefront.

Electives Membership grants your employees the freedom to select classes that resonate with their interests and goals. Our live classes foster real-time engagement, offering a vibrant alternative to static learning methods.

Electives Membership is a perfect way for employees to leverage their learning stipends.

A screenshot from within the Electives Membership platform with the headline “Add December recommendations for your employees. The Electives Membership platform allows organization administrators to suggest up to 3 available classes to employees each month.

Engage your employees with a rich variety of modern learning options.

Our extensive library of live classes, led by industry experts, refreshes monthly with fresh, captivating and relevant content. The easy-to-use platform makes exploring and enrolling in classes super simple.

If desired, your leaders can guide the learning of their teams by suggesting classes that support collective learning goals. For employees seeking formal recognition of their skills, structured certificate programs are available at no additional cost, offering clear pathways to credentials.

Training your employees will love — delivered by people they'll never forget.

A screenshot from within the Electives Membership reporting with the headline “Top Classes and Categories” at the top. This report shows the classes and categories that generated the most interest from employees in an organization in the last 90 days.

Employee-level learning analytics.

Visualize employee aspirations and actions with employee-level learning analytics that include:

  • Utilization metrics
  • Enrollment details
  • Employee wish lists

Plus, employee-level data can be leveraged for selecting future private classes to bring to the larger team.

Electives Membership lets your employees grow on their own terms — while you watch from the sidelines.

A screenshot from within the Electives Membership platform with the copy “Understand how your employees are engaging with their Electives Membership account” at the top. This report details KPIs to detail learning adoption and impact.

It's super simple to get started.

Seamlessly integrate Electives Membership into your team's daily routine with flexible scheduling and accessible Zoom classes.

Electives Membership, inclusive of complimentary certificate programs, is designed for impactful learning as a standalone experience or integrated into a comprehensive learning program with Electives private classes.

Empower your people to learn what they want to learn — even if your People team is small and your budget is smaller.


High-quality individualized learning made effortless.

Electives Membership brings top-quality classes and instructors right to your employees.


A typical month in Electives Membership

60-90 minute virtual classes

Scheduled Monday-Friday

Between the hours of 9am and 4pm ET
With a cohort of employees across organizations

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tap into the human desire to learn, grow and connect.

The biggest lesson I learned today was not to shy away from difficult conversations.

I plan to reevaluate how I interact with others to better optimize team collaboration.

I learned that a lot of my coworkers have more in common than we realize.

Grow your people with Electives Membership.

Give your employees the individualized learning opportunities they want — without needing a bigger team or budget.
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