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Electives Membership

Electives Membership is a modern, live learning platform that curates timely, interesting and impactful learning experiences for your employees to take alongside their colleagues and peers from other companies. Each month, members select the live (via Zoom) classes they want to join.

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With Electives Membership, you get all the benefits of the Electives platform and more:

  • Demonstrate your people-first culture while giving your employees the opportunity to learn, grow and connect alongside their peers.

  • Save time and money previously spent sourcing, vetting, procuring, scheduling and managing learning programs.

  • Improve retention through employee engagement while giving your people the choice in what they learn and when they schedule their classes.

  • Deliver content that supports a wide range of learning interests including leadership training, communication skills, personal development, DEI and more.

  • Leverage trusted instructors and proven content to deliver impactful learning.

  • Upskill and reskill employees while building a culture of learning.

  • Impact employee views and behaviors while encouraging positive long-term changes.

  • Offload logistics of learning for multiple teams, regions and groups.

An easier way to bring live learning to your teams.

Young Asian woman choosing her Electives Membership class from her mobile phone while walking in the city.

With Electives Membership, your employees choose the classes they want to take each month.

Every month, Electives Membership offers live (via Zoom) interactive classes in categories including leadership development, manager training, personal development, communication, DEI, wellbeing, innovation and new technologies.

Each month, a curated selection of 20 classes is available through Electives Membership. Members get to browse the classes offered and select the classes they want to take.

All Electives Membership classes are interactive, with up to 60 members in each, allowing for one-to-one connections and networking opportunities.

Electives Membership is a modern-day choose-your-own-adventure story.

Young muscular concentrated athlete at the start.

Bring the world's experts to your team.

All Electives Membership classes are taught live by extraordinary instructors who are real people sharing real-life experiences and leadership lessons. Instructors include FBI agents, psychologists, astronauts, business leaders, historians, poets, athletes and more.

Electives Membership instructors are carefully selected to provide members with the best learning experiences, tapping into their desire to grow, connect and have fun.

Electives Membership offers training your employees will love, from people they'll never forget.

A person in a red hoodie with a khaki backpack is hiking in a forest. They are holding their arms out and appear to be enjoying the journey.

Personalized learning without a heavy lift.

Once enrolled in Electives Membership, your employees can:

  • Browse the monthly library of live learning opportunities.
  • Select the classes they want to join each month.
  • Continue their learning with post-class nudges from instructors.
  • Be part of a community of curious learners.

We manage all the logistics, including promoting classes, calendar invites and post-class resources.

Electives Membership makes it easy for HR, people ops, DEI and other business leaders to give their employees the individualized learning opportunities they want.

Three people working together at a conference room table. A woman in the middle is smiling as she actively listens to the person across from her.

Electives Membership boosts employee engagement and retention.

Electives Membership classes are interactive, with up to 60 members in each, allowing members to connect and learn from each other.

Our classes aim to upskill and reskill employees while simultaneously fostering a robust learning culture within your organization.

Electives Membership lets employees choose the learning they want to experience, making it perfect for employees with learning stipends.


Better quality. Less effort.

Electives Membership offers the perfect mix of quality, quantity and diversity of content, instructors and experiences.

  • Quality you can rely on.

    All Electives instructors are thoroughly vetted and regularly evaluated by learners, HR and people ops leaders and the Electives team.

  • The quantity you need.

    To cover all the most-needed and most-desired topics, Electives Membership leverages the 150+ instructors and 450+ live classes within the Electives platform.

  • The diversity you want.

    Electives Membership offers diversity across instructors, classes and formats to give members an impressive breadth of learning opportunities.


we tap into the human desire to learn, grow and connect.

The biggest lesson I learned today was not to shy away from difficult conversations.

I plan to reevaluate how I interact with others to better optimize team collaboration.

I learned that a lot of my coworkers have more in common than we realize.

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Electives Membership makes it easy for HR, people ops, DEI and other business leaders to give their employees the individualized learning opportunities they want.