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Electives Membership

Electives Membership is a live learning platform for employees seeking flexibility and choice in their personal development.

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Let's chat


With Electives Membership, your employees pick the classes they want to take.

  • Continuous learning: Electives Membership keeps your team learning and ready for new challenges

  • Live classes: Every class is live. Live classes offer real chats, genuine engagement and real-time learning.

  • Lots of choices: Electives Membership pulls from our library of 450+ live classes to match every employee's needs.

  • Individualized learning: When employees choose what they learn, the learning is more impactful.

  • In-demand perk: Demonstrate to your team that you care about them and their growth.

  • Top instructors + content: Evaluated regularly for relevance, impact and enjoyment.

  • No stress: We take care of all the logistics.

  • Cost-effective: Available on a per-person, per-month basis.

A new way to learn together.

Young Asian woman choosing her Electives Membership class from her mobile phone while walking in the city.

Employees handpick their classes.

Electives Membership is different. Each of your employees gets to pick what they learn.

And all of our classes are live, which means learners can chat with the instructors and other learners. No old videos. Just real-time learning.

But what truly sets Electives Membership apart? It's our commitment to live instruction. Our instructors believe in the power of connection, and they turn learning into a collective journey.

No pre-recorded sessions. Just genuine interaction and dynamic learning.

Young muscular concentrated athlete at the start.

Give your employees everything they want.

Lots of classes: While others offer limited topics, Electives Membership boasts a vast library of classes rotating each month, ensuring something for everyone.

Expert instructors: Electives Membership classes are taught live by real people sharing real-life experiences and leadership lessons.

Easy to use: The Electives Membership platform is simple and intuitive, making it easy for everyone to browse classes, enroll and learn.

Electives Membership offers training your employees will love — from people they'll never forget.

A person in a red hoodie with a khaki backpack is hiking in a forest. They are holding their arms out and appear to be enjoying the journey.

Empower your employees with choice.

Electives Membership is more than just live learning. It's about helping your employees take charge of their growth.

We offer lots of choices so everyone finds what they like:

Personalized pathways: Employees chart their own learning journeys, picking classes that align with their interests and professional needs.

Skill development: We cover everything — from being a leader to using new technology.

Networking + connections: Live classes foster community, allowing employees to network and learn from peers across different industries.

Electives Membership lets your employees grow how they want to grow.

Three people working together at a conference room table. A woman in the middle is smiling as she actively listens to the person across from her.

Individualized learning made simple.

Electives Membership fits seamlessly into the lives of your employees, making learning feel fun and natural.

Flexible scheduling: To fit everyone's schedules, we offer classes throughout the month.

On-the-go learning: We use Zoom, so your employees can join a class from anywhere.

Real-world application: Our classes provide actionable insights that can be immediately applied to real-world scenarios.

Drive productivity and growth — one live class at a time.


Better quality. Less effort.

Electives Membership gives you the best classes, instructors and experiences. Plus, we show you reports about what your team is learning.

  • Quality you can trust.

    We make sure our instructors are the best.

  • The quantity you need.

    Our monthly schedule pulls from our library of 450+ live classes.

  • The diversity you want.

    We offer a refreshing variety of learning opportunities.


we tap into the human desire to learn, grow and connect.

The biggest lesson I learned today was not to shy away from difficult conversations.

I plan to reevaluate how I interact with others to better optimize team collaboration.

I learned that a lot of my coworkers have more in common than we realize.

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Electives Membership makes it easy to give your employees the individualized learning opportunities they want.