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About Us

Our founders met at MIT.
Here’s our story.

The Inspiration

One night, we attended a guest lecture from a mountaineer who climbed Mt. Everest six times. We were captivated by the vividness of his explanation on why teamwork is the difference between life and death. This experiential learning experience inspired us.

MIT campus at night

What's Next

We left that evening wondering, how can we provide more people with that same learning experience?

...and how many other experts must exist who can captivate an audience with their unique story?

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Our Mission

We made it our mission to make learning from the best more accessible - to bring it into people’s lives - into the workplace.

Office meeting room

An Epiphany

We asked hundreds of professionals, “What do you want to learn and who do you want to learn it from?” We heard the COOLEST answers:

“I want to negotiate better … and, I want to learn from an FBI Agent!”

“I want to be a better public speaker … and, I want to learn from a stand up comedian!”

“I want to be more resilient … and I want to learn from a Psychology professor!”

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Our Offer

With these ideas, we started building Electives - workplace classes so energizing that they become dinner time conversation.

We curate expert teachers with unique stories to deliver learning experiences centered around today’s most pressing topics. Our classes are always educational, but also entertaining.


Your Best Friend

And while it is all about the employees, we understand how much work goes into finding and hosting external teachers. We’re here to help you, the fearless HR leader, build a stronger workforce.

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