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e-lec-tive (n) - an optional course of study.

Employees have mandatory training programs at work, but now they can take electives, the classes they really want to take.

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Live Classes

Get in touch. Tell us your company’s learning interests & goals for your live classes.
We share vetted teachers and classes with you and then design your custom Electives.
Our unique expert teachers deliver live learning experiences for your team.

Before & After Class

In advance of each class, we send class materials to help you generate excitement within your team.
Shortly after the live class, companies can access their post-class analytics and view employee’s latest learning interests.
Employees can increase knowledge retention by opting in for personalized follow-up content in the weeks after a course.



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Customer Case Studies

A 60 employee company based in Texas was interested in a monthly series of Electives with a mix of traditional and more unique classes. The top request from their two-person HR team was giving employees that “Ooooh, I want to take that!” feeling. The team also wanted to plan the whole year at once to make their lives easier. Ultimately, they built an an amazing calendar, including:

A 250 employee company based in California had a specific need to train their new managers who lacked critical communication, negotiation and other management skills. They have a young, cool culture so their one-person HR team said the sessions can’t feel “corporatey” and her nightmare scenario was employees saying “Why did you MAKE me take that!” The Electives team prepared 18 different sessions for the company to select 6 classes. The company designed a terrific series:

A 40 person company that was already a remote-first workplace wanted to plan a monthly series of Electives, initially focused on improving their employee culture and employee focus during the pandemic. Their Operations leader narrowed down a list of 25 Electives and shared “This was so hard! They all sound good!” From there, she surveyed her employees by asking each person to rank their top 5 Electives from the list of 25. With those results, the Operations lead began designing with a goal of 10 Electives each year. She wanted to maintain the flexibility for employees to browse new Electives and provide their ongoing input. The employees’ favorite Electives included:

A 120 person company with a geographically dispersed team reached out saying “We don’t want to celebrate Pride Month in June only, nor do we want to celebrate Black History Month only in February.” With the goal of having more conversations throughout the year, the two-person HR team who overlooks DE&I as well set up the following cadence:

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