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Electives Membership

Live daily classes.


Give your team access to live daily classes on impactful topics.

  • Learning for everyone: From leadership to wellness, employees can choose classes that fit their interests and needs.

  • No extra costs: Certificate programs are included, helping employees earn credentials that highlight their growth.

  • Interactive + live: Every class offers live interaction with the instructor and peers.

  • Endless learning: New live classes every week offer limitless opportunities for growth.

Let your employees design their own learning journeys.

A screenshot of the Electives Membership class selection page. “Explore All Classes” appears at the top, followed by topic categories and available classes for the month.

Engage with choice.

Electives Membership lets employees pick their classes, boosting engagement and commitment to growth.

A screenshot from within the Electives Membership platform with the headline “Add December recommendations for your employees. The Electives Membership platform allows organization administrators to suggest up to 3 available classes to employees each month.

Learn from leading experts.

Electives Membership connects your employees with top instructors, including professors, C-suite executives, astronauts, Olympic athletes and renowned creatives. All classes are live and engaging, encouraging active participation and genuine growth.

A screenshot from within the Electives Membership reporting with the headline “Top Classes and Categories” at the top. This report shows the classes and categories that generated the most interest from employees in an organization in the last 90 days.

Analytics that inform.

Get detailed insights on utilization, behavior change, employee preferences and more. Use this data to tailor future learning and track ROI.

A screenshot from within the Electives Membership platform with the copy “Understand how your employees are engaging with their Electives Membership account” at the top. This report details KPIs to detail learning adoption and impact.

Effortless setup. Instant benefits.

Say "yes" to Electives Membership, and we'll handle the rest. Enjoy new live learning opportunities weekly and watch the enthusiasm and skills of your employees grow.

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