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the electives platform

Private classes

Led by our dynamic instructors, Electives private classes are live, virtual classes designed specifically for your employees.

customizable, impactful + easy to execute

Build a modern learning culture with Electives private classes:

  • Perfect for groups of 20-75: Bring your team together to dive into essential and timely topics.

  • Mapped to your business objectives: Aligned perfectly with your strategic goals.

  • Customized to your needs: Fine-tuned to  address your unique goals and challenges.

  • The right content and instructors: Matched to your learning strategy and company culture.

  • Flexible scheduling: Private classes at times that suit your team's needs.

  • Comprehensive measurement: Prove the impact of your learning program

Experience modern L&D today with Electives private classes.

  • 01

    Bring the best of the best to your people.

    Electives private classes bring unmatched learning opportunities to your people, offering curated content that exceeds your employees' expectations and needs — all within your resource constraints.

    Team-based learning that exceeds in-house L&D standards.

  • 02

    Exemplar + custom learning programs to meet your unique objectives.

    Choose from our Modern Manager, Business Foundations and High-Performance Culture training programs or combine them for holistic live learning across your company.

    Not quite what you need? We can map your business objectives into strategic learning programs, creating a roadmap for your team's development.

    Electives private classes can stand alone or serve as a key component of a tiered learning strategy, complementing Electives Membership and certificate programs to provide a cohesive and comprehensive learning experience.

    We ensure every aspect of your training aligns with your goals.

  • 03

    Extraordinary instructors. Unforgettable learning.

    Our instructor community features professors, C-suite executives, astronauts, Olympic athletes and coaches, comedians, poets, songwriters, historians, best-selling authors and more.

    When you start working with Electives, you immediately gain access to 100s of live classes delivered by our unforgettable instructors.

    Every class promises a learning experience that's as cool as it is impactful.

  • 04

    Qualitative + quantitative learning outcomes measured.

    Electives harnesses data to evaluate and enhance your learning journey, delivering comprehensive reviews of your training programs. Our assessments yield clear insights into your team's progress, empowering you with the knowledge to make smart decisions and observe measurable growth.

    Easy to execute with more punch than traditional in-house L&D programs.


Customized learning. Exceptional outcomes.

Electives private classes bring more innovation and more impact than most traditional in-house L&D programs. Each of the 3 training programs below feature our private classes. And all learning is delivered live.

  • Modern Manager

    Equip your managers with the skills to lead with excellence.

  • Business Foundations

    Empower your ICs with the foundational skills they need.

  • High-Performance Culture

    Achieve new levels of productivity through shared ideas and language.


tap into the human desire to learn, grow and connect.

  • I enjoyed the breakout groups. They gave me a chance to meet and interact with new colleagues.

  • I enjoyed the breakout groups. They gave me a chance to meet and interact with new colleagues.

Grow your people with Electives.

Experience modern L&D — without needing a bigger team or budget.

Schedule a call to explore the possibilities of Electives private classes.