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Certificate programs

Complimentary within Electives Membership.

Electives certificate programs empower learners to design their own upskilling journeys. Every class is live and interactive for a truly engaging and impactful learning experience.


Electives certificate programs include:

  • Leadership Essentials: Unleash the leadership potential in every employee.

  • Innovative Thinking: Ignite creativity and innovation at all levels.

  • Manager Essentials: Elevate your aspiring and current managers.

  • Plus exciting new programs on the horizon!

Here's how Electives certificate programs work:

  • 01

    Start with Electives Membership.

    Gain access to Electives certificate programs at no extra cost when you enroll your employees in Electives Membership.

  • 02

    Choose your path.

    Within Electives Membership, employees can effortlessly sign up for the certificate programs that ignite their passions.

    Enrollment is straightforward and complimentary.

  • 03

    Personalize your learning.

    Every month offers a new opportunity to select Electives Membership classes that support personal growth goals.

    Learners have the freedom to engage with subjects that spark their interests, aligning with the competencies of their chosen certificate programs.

  • A collage of credentials from Electives certificate programs

    Celebrate your achievements.

    Tracking certificate program progress within Electives Membership is seamless.

    On completing a program, learners earn a Credly badge to recognize their accomplishment and newly acquired skills.

Ready for a better learning experience?

Discover how the certificate programs within Electives Membership can help your team grow. Fill out the form below to get started. Learning can begin tomorrow!