Delivering effective manager training for new managers


Employee Audience

New managers, as well as people managers looking for a refresher

Learning Objectives

Become more effective managers of people and projects in order to achieve company, team, and personal goals.

Topics of Interest

Difficult Conversations, Feedback, Delegation, Other Management Techniques

The Instructor

Deborah Grayson Riegel
Navigating Conflict

This class gives participants simple, direct ways to see conflict and resistance as opportunities for communication and growth. Participants learn how to approach difficult conversations with skill and confidence. Practical, interactive exercises teach participants how to prepare for and have difficult c

Giving Effective Feedback

In Giving Effective Feedback, we help managers understand why both positive and negative feedback are vital to their own and their colleagues’ development, and we teach a simple structure for giving feedback. We will address why having a culture of feedback matters, what makes giving feedback so hard (an

Receive and Take Action on Feedback

When we get feedback, we often experience it as a threat to our sense of identity, and react in ways that range from defensive and denial to dwelling and dramatizing. However, when we don’t hear and accept feedback, we can’t get better at what we’re doing or have a greater impact on our teams, our client

Creating a Culture of Trust

According to research from the Center for Neuroeconomics Studies, employees in high-trust organizations are more productive, have more energy at work, collaborate better with their colleagues, and stay with their employers longer than people working at low-trust companies. They also suffer less chronic s

Managing Skill vs. Will

When managers ignore the needs of their colleagues, there is a greater chance that people will waste energy moving in the wrong direction, get frustrated with a lack of success, or just disengage from a project or team. No organization can afford that. In this class, people leaders will learn a user-friendly, comprehen

Delegation without Drama

If that sounds like you, then you likely have a common delegation problem: you want to delegate effectively, but you don’t know how to do it well (and you’re more than a little worried). In this interactive session, participants identify their unique psychological and practical barriers to delegation, un

What Employees Are Saying

Great framework for how we deliver feedback!

I took a lot out of the deposits & withdrawals conversation that I can use immediately.

Absolutely loved the content and the instructor was terrific!

I loved how the classes were practical - not just ideal or theories.

Great pace and content! Thank you!

How We Partnered Together

  • Opted for a single instructor instead of multiple instructors for consistency
  • Scheduled the training over three days to build on each other
  • Provided ongoing learning nudges to employees after class

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