Bringing important DEIB learning & conversation to leadership


Employee Audience

Start with 200 leaders and then roll out to the full company.

Learning Objectives

Bring a range of important diversity, equity, inclusion and belong topics & conversations to the leadership team; learn from unique experts but also from each other.

Topics of Interest

Implicit bias, micro agressions, gender & gender identity, race, LGBTQ+, and engaging in conversations when you are not the expert.

The Lineup

Befriending the Disruptor
Monica Livingston
Befriending the Disruptor

Jumping head-first into anti-racism is a noble, yet often misguided pursuit. Systematic racism relies on the subtle, often subconscious bias frames WE ALL LEARN and from which we tend to operate. In Befriending the Disruptor, Monica uses her energy and humor to guide partners through a series of simple,

Engaging in Difficult Conversations
AK Ikwuakor
Engaging in Difficult Conversations

As we know, conversations are happening in our homes, workplace and community regarding several forms of social injustice. In addition, the pandemic has us all quarantined at home! These conversations are difficult for several reasons, but necessary because they touch on our views of basic human right

Gender & Gender Identity
Julian Damore
Gender & Gender Identity

More than one in four transgender people report having lost a job due to transphobia and bias, and more than three-fourths have experienced some form of discrimination at work. This workshop is meant to provide an introductory educational overview on how to be an ally by supporting transgender and non-binary individuals in the workplace.

The History of the Stonewall Inn Riots
Stephen Barr
The History of the Stonewall Inn Riots

Employees explore the journey for Gay Rights in America. This class provides examples of allyship to aid in communicating with LGBTQ colleagues; not focusing only on someone's sexual identity, but looking at the overall human being. Our goal is to expand ways to build community beyond Pride Month.

Closing the Confidence Gap
Trish Foster
Closing the Confidence Gap

Research demonstrates that women, especially women of color, face sometimes hidden workplace barriers. These challenges, along with a confidence gap, can play a significant role in a woman's career journey. This interactive, empowering workshop explores the impact of hidden barriers and lagging confidenc

Understanding Racism
Jeff Rogers
Understanding Racism

Understanding Racism is a 2.5-hour interactive session on what racism really is and isn’t, the surprising ways it manifests, the psychological underpinnings of why it’s so difficult to eradicate, and what everyone can do to influence things for the better. This involves a guided presentation, exercises, role play, and

What Employees Are Saying

Leadership Reflection

How We Partnered Together

  • Curated six (6) vetted instructors based on goals and feedback from other companies
  • Hosted prep calls with instructors to understand company culture
  • Handled all logistics (scheduling, calendar invites, surveys)
  • Enabled access to the Electives platform to review data analytics & employee feedback
  • Provided learning nudges from instructors to employees to drive further engagement
  • Each instructor promoted the next elective at the end of their session to drive engagement for the upcoming topic

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