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During a project, project managers and team members can become so focused on the task at hand that they forget to pick up their heads and make sure they are going in the right direction. For the project manager, this is critical. Course correction will be required no matter how well a project is going. The importance of creating transparent, relevant, and accurate reports begins in the planning process and carries over into the delivery of the project. By understanding that different stakeholders will need different information, the project manager can ask the right questions and make sure the data will be available. The development of KPIs – simple and universally understandable – help the project manager steer the ship to success and instill confidence in the various stakeholders.

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Michael has over 30 years of experience building and leading cross functional teams to deliver critical projects. He is an “Engineer Whisperer”, helping engineers and other technical professionals communicate and engage with increased clarity, collaboration, and cooperation with both technical and non-technical partners.

Michael Riegel is a coach, consultant, author, speaker, and project management expert working across industries with a focus on technical and business operations clients. He developed an expertise in managing technical professionals, creating high-performing teams, and an understanding of how to help leaders grow and exceed their individual as well as corporate goals.

As a technical professional himself, Michael brings insights and perspectives on the challenges and organizational dynamics that can thwart analytical, technical, and structured-thinking professionals. In his coaching work, he often focuses on building emotional intelligence, communication skills, collaboration, cooperation, and leadership skills, especially for technical professionals who work with non-technical leaders and teams.

His client organizations include Amazon, Apple, Wayfair, Fox Home Team Sports, Roku, Columbia University, Washington Gas and Light, and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Michael also established a strategic partnership with the National Association of Women in Construction to build greater awareness of coaching and professional development benefits to traditionally underserved professionals, industries, and companies.
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