What you will learn:

Everyone is born creative . . . ask any parent how creative their kids are as they explore their world. We all have the creative muscle, but like any muscle, without use it atrophies. Using exercises drawn from the world of improv comedy and creativity training tools, and based on current thought on the nature of creativity, Professor Aylesworth will help you tone your curiosity, workout your imagination and strengthen your creative muscles.

People are more creative when they are having fun, so a primary objective of the workshop is to have fun. Following some creative warm-ups (because it’s never good to start exercising a muscle without warming up), we will target several creativity “muscle groups” such as tolerance for ambiguity, embracing failure, changing perspectives, accepting and building, divergent and convergent thinking and team communication and collaboration leading to creative outcomes.

Following the workshop you will have a better understanding of how your own creativity operates, what works and what doesn’t. You will add a number of tools to your creativity arsenal, and you will see how to build on one another’s ideas. Most of all, however, you will have fun, because fun leads to creativity.

About the instructor:

Dr. Andy Aylesworth is a Professor of Marketing and Chair of the Marketing Department at Bentley University. He has been teaching at Bentley since 1994. His primary teaching interests are Creativity, Advertising, Marketing Communication and Promotion, and Marketing Fundamentals. His current research interests include enhancing creativity in business and the classroom and improving marketing and business pedagogy. He has trained in the techniques of improvisational comedy and performed in several Boston area shows, and strives to use these techniques to improve the business skills of his students. In fact, improv techniques inform Andy’s favorite class, “Enhancing Creativity,” which he has offered to graduate students in various formats at Bentley and at the Rotterdam School of Management, the University of Adelaide and Stellenbosch University. Andy has also worked with teams at Keurig/Dr. Pepper, the Australian Sports Commission and the Australian Accounting and Consulting firm Pitcher Partners to unleash their inherent creativity. Professor Aylesworth has been published in the Journal of Marketing Education, Journal of Education for Business, Journal of Advertising, Journal of Business Research, and Advances in Consumer Research. Prior to entering academia he was an account executive at Saffer Advertising in Chicago.
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