What you will learn:

Presence is described as how we show up physically, mentally, and emotionally and the impact that we have on the people and environment around us. Leadership Presence is specifically the impact that we have within the context of our role and organizational culture. Whether in-person or virtual, are we aware of the impact that our presence has on others?

This 2-hour large group session will introduce you to the foundational elements of Leadership Presence, and give you clear, tangible, practical ways to enhance and apply yours in the current virtual environment.

We will work on the following concepts and skills:
- Daily practices for getting present
- Managing daily transitions
- Mindfulness and breathwork practices for getting grounded
- Projecting physical vitality and vocal expressiveness
- Landing messages with impact

About the instructor:

Rob Salafia is an Author, Speaker, Facilitator and Executive Coach.

Rob combines two decades of experience as a top leadership development executive with a well-established career in the performing arts. He has a passion for coaching leaders to develop their presence, tell compelling stories and establish authentic connections. He is the author of – Leading From Your Best Self: Develop Your Executive Poise, Presence and Influence to Maximize Your Potential (McGraw-Hill).

As an executive coach, Rob finds great satisfaction in guiding leaders through personal transformations as well as transitions to more senior roles. He is hightly skilled at helping senior executives and leadership teams enhance team effectiveness and prepare for strategic presentations.

What is unique about Rob is that for the first half of his career he was a performing artist where he traveled the globe delivering his unique, one-person variety show. He utilizes the skills learned to coach senior executives to become excellent speakers and leaders.

Rob is a lecturer in MIT Sloan School of Management and an MIT Leadership Center Master Executive Coach. He is certified in the PRINT® Assessment to reveal one’s Unconscious Motivators®.

Over the past 20 years Rob has worked with a multitude of Fortune 500 companies in the capacity as a speaker, executive coach, learning partner and workshop facilitator. These include, Harvard Business School, Discover Finanical Services, Alexion Pharmaceuticals, PepsiCo, TJX, Publicis Sapient, ING Bank, NN Group, News Corp, Sony Music Entertainment, Thought Ensemble, Metro AG, Philips International, Alliance Bernstein, and Fidelity Investments.
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