What you will learn:

The only thing worse than getting harsh criticism from your manager is getting none at all, especially when you are far away from them. As human beings, we all need constructive feedback on a regular basis in order to correct our mistakes, build on our strengths and remain both motivated and connected with our work and workmates, especially when we are working remotely.

This highly engaging and practical Elective will help participants clarify the differences between the 'necessary evil' of annual, formal performance reviews and the many benefits of more regular, informal feedback. Leaners will come away with an understanding of the nuances and complexities of giving and receiving feedback when people are very different and/or far away and will be able to go beyond the now-outdated and unhelpful concepts of 'negative and positive feedback'. Employees will learn and practice how to give (and receive) informal feedback - in a safe, supportive environment, with immediate constructive feedback - with subordinates, peers and even remote bosses.

About the instructor:

Jeremy Solomons is a global sojourner, whose professional mission is to train and coach current and future leaders to maximize their potential by knowing who they are, crafting a bold vision for the future and communicating clearly and inclusively with those around them. This mission is based on Jeremy's own experience of working full-time for six large multinational organizations - including Citibank, JP Morgan, Reuters and the World Bank – and living for extended periods in nine countries on four continents. Jeremy was born in England where he studied French at the University of Oxford; he spent 30 years in the USA, mostly in New York City, Santa Fe and Austin; and he is now happily based in Kigali, with his Rwandan wife and their brand, new baby boy, Max Tedubu.
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Suggested Length:90 min(Flexible)
# of Employees: Flexible
Format: Live via Zoom
Available Formats:
  • Keynote Followed by Q&A
  • Lecture with Discussion
  • Interactive Workshop

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