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Team members are exhausted. Virtual work, no separation of home and work life, constant Zooms, and an increase of workloads have left team members suffering from massive amounts of burnout. But there are different types of burnout, and to properly prevent and combat burnout, team members must understand each type, what drives it, and how they can address it for themselves (and for the people they manage). In this workshop, participants develop an understanding of burnout and its drivers, and importantly, learn to create structures and processes to prevent burnout prior to occurring.

About the instructor:

Rachel Pacheco, PhD is an advisor, management author, and faculty member at The Wharton School. She is passionate about supporting executives and managers on how to build thriving teams and develop inclusive and resilient cultures poised for high-growth.

At Wharton, Rachel conducts research on management—specifically on power and conflict—and is a member of the teaching faculty. She is also a founding faculty member of the Entrepreneurship in Education Program at the University of Pennsylvania. Her award-winning book, Bringing Up the Boss, focuses on providing practical tools for managers. A former chief people officer, Rachel has served on the board of advisors and held executive positions for numerous start-ups, primarily in the digital health and wellness space.

She holds a PhD and MBA from The Wharton School and a BS from Georgetown University.
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