What you will learn:

This course explains what hormones are, their role in the body, what it feels like to have both balanced and imbalanced hormones, and 5 easy tips on how to support hormones.  The course is appropriate for men, too, but it is extra powerful amongst just women as we can talk deeper about hormonal health and impact.

About the instructor:

My name is Calista, and I am a functional nutritional therapy practitioner. That's just a fancy way of saying I am a functional nutritionist who works with people to get to the root cause of their symptoms. I love to teach corporate classes on all things nutrition and wellness, because every single human needs the knowledge and tools to invest in their health. We have one life partner, our bodies, and it is our responsibility to nourish and support them. I'm passionate about helping guide employees to learn how to show up for their body and overall health in real, sustainable ways, that have lasting effects on how they feel and function each day.
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