What you will learn:

Over the last decade, self-awareness, the foundation of emotional intelligence, has risen as a critical skill for leaders at every level. Headlines like “Self-Awareness Can Help Leaders More Than an MBA Can” appear frequently in publications like the Harvard Business Review, pointing towards the emphasis of the topic in the business world.

By paradoxically looking inward, leaders can unlock important insights into their emotional experiences, resulting in positive change for themselves, the teams they lead, and even in their relationships. This Elective will explore the importance of self-awareness as a foundational leadership skill and introduces a research-based toolkit to help develop self-awareness.

This is open and encouraged for anyone who considers themself a leader.

About the instructor:

Jared is an organizational psychologist, teacher, and employee experience practitioner with experience in the entertainment, technology, and pharmaceutical industries.

Jared has been obsessed with human psychology from a young age. After founding several nonprofits and businesses, he became an internal entrepreneur at The Walt Disney Company where he created a full-time employee engagement role leading culture strategy for Disney's kids' television business.

While at Disney, he laid a foundation of emotional intelligence as a critical leadership competency through innovative employee-listening and change management practices and implementing Search Inside Yourself, a Google-founded emotional intelligence and mindfulness training.

Jared is currently a member of the Employee Experience team at Edelman, where he works with Fortune 100 companies to improve the employee experience through human-centered change management, culture alignment, and emotional intelligence.

Jared has a B.S. in Marketing Communications from Emerson College and an M.A. in Organizational Psychology from William James College.
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