What you will learn:

Create more space and abundance in your career and ultimately your life with this proprietary 4-phase "Yes Diet" method that combines a proven set of time management and productivity tools that cuts through the busyness by re-programming your mind and habits.

This combination of internal mind work + external executable action steps not only makes you more efficient, it also improves your relationships, helps you regain physical and mental wellbeing, and ultimately brings the joy back to your work and overall life.

You'll also walk away with:
  • A to-do list strategy that will increase your productivity x3
  • Three proven hacks for creating boundaries in a friendly, tactful and confident way.
  • The two strategies most people looking to increase productivity often overlook.
  • A map of the 5 yes triggers and which one uniquely sabotages you into saying "yes" when you really want to say "no"

About the instructor:

Shauna VanBogart is a mindfulness teacher, performance coach, and a transformative change agent who shows professionals how to get feel-good results in their life and career. She has leveraged her 15+ years of education and experience to create potently powerful frameworks and intentional growth strategies for personal development that lead to greater financial freedom, fulfillment, and impact in the lives and careers of her audience.

In addition, Shauna has been speaking professionally for over two decades and is regularly hired as a keynote and workshop speaker, speaking on topics such as mindfulness in the workplace, personal branding, wealth mindset, the power of the subconscious mind, and other self-development topics as they relate to transformation. Shauna has vast experience as a public speaker and even taught public speaking as an adjunct professor at the Art Institution of Charleston for two years.

Shauna has been featured in Huffington Post, Young, Fabulous, & Self-Employed Magazine, Mint.com, MSN, CareerBuilder.com, and other media outlets. She is a 40 under 40 award winner and honored as one of Charleston's Most Influential Women in Business.
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