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Imagine how your organization could meet its mission and improve productivity if only your employees had a deeper understanding of what motivates them, what holds them back, and how they could work in harmony with others. A new model of creativity—The 5 Creative Types—will allow them to do just that! Each person who attends this course will have the chance to identify their creative type and learn how to harness the strengths and curb the counter-productive tendencies associated with that type. The five creative types are:
  • A-Lister (accomplishment and recognition)
  • Artisan (process and collaboration)
  • Game Changer (innovation and disruption)
  • Sensitive Soul (emotion and perception), and
  • Activist (advocacy and action)
This course, based on Meta’s book and TEDx talk, What’s Your Creative Type?, will include a talk, followed by discussion and facilitated group sessions, where employees will learn how to lead and collaborate with others who each have something different—but equally valuable—to offer. Ultimately, this course will benefit individuals, teams, and your organization.

About the instructor:

Meta Wagner is passionate about helping people reach their creative potential. She is the author of What's Your Creative Type?: Harness the Power of Your Artistic Personality (Hachette) and a TEDx speaker.
Meta is a sought-after speaker on her original model of The 5 Creative Types and how the power of creativity, and a deepened understanding of creative motivations, can transform organizations, teams, and individuals. She is also a contributor to Boston Globe opinion pages, was a columnist for PopMatters, and has written on pop culture and creativity for Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune, Salon, and Wall Street Journal custom studios.

When she's not giving talks or writing, Meta is molding young minds as an adjunct professor at Emerson College and Boston University. She developed and teaches a “cult favorite” seminar called “Creativity in Context” (the springboard for her book) along with classes in creative non-fiction and communications writing.
Meta was previously in executive positions in the marketing and public relations fields and received multiple awards from professional organizations. She received her undergraduate degree from Brown University and her MFA in creative writing from Emerson College, where she was chosen as the student commencement speaker. She lives in the Boston area with her husband (and her son whenever he drops by).

If you're looking for a speaker for your next company or organization event who will jumpstart your people into considering their creative potential, check out Meta Wagner and her book, What's Your Creative Type? She spoke at our Stone Temple Consulting company meeting, and we can't stop talking about the insights we gained.
— Mark Traphagen, Senior Director of Brand Evangelism

We were thrilled to have Meta speak at Hill Holliday! She did a wonderful job of engaging the standing-room only crowd and created exactly the kind of dialogue between different departments that we were hoping for. People raved about the talk for the rest of the day – truly the highlight of 4pm Happy Hour. Can’t recommend her enough!
— James Saulsky, Account Executive, Hill Holliday Advertising Agency

I just wanted to say thanks again for taking time out of your day to talk to us, both during your session and when we ambushed you in the lobby. It was an absolute delight to meet you and pick your brain, and I know that I'm certainly taking the lessons about myself, my creative type and my team to heart. Just have to learn to push through that ego block! Thank you for your patience and generosity! I hope our paths cross again soon.
— Emily Andras, Production Designer, Renaissance Publishing
CRMA Annual Convention Attendee
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