What you will learn:

The Unexpected Reset, though not a pandemic seminar, takes the unforseen opportunity of 2019 as a pivot point for self-evaluation. We have the ability to renegotiate historic rules of operation that have become mindless and have caused us to lose our intention and vibrance as women. Unexpected Reset's purpose is to revive our senses and look critically at why we do what we do and question if we have to continue doing what we have always done. We have the ability to reset to our current reality rather than live the outdated rules, roles and identities placed on us by others and our younger selves.
We will explore many of the outdated rules and habits we hold. We will question the effectiveness and reliance of these and the individual negative beliefs about ourselves or our world that may be keeping these rules stuck to our ribs despite every effort to change. In order to achieve intentional living, we must dig deeper than positive affirmations and platitudes. We will discuss how individual and systemic trauma plays their role in our negative belief systems/ self-talk. We will explore the role animal behavior has on our human behavior. We will discuss social medias impact on our communication styles, as well as how to integrate courageous conversations into our daily lives in order to mend and strengthen our relationships personally and professionally.
Teams will receive individually implementable strategies and homework for curating an intentional life. All strategies are actionable and digestible to help promote lasting change versus one-time contemplation. This seminar, as with all of Sarah's work is based in thousands of client hours and the compilation of themes and strategies to create a most effective deliverable.

About the instructor:

Sarah Barkley is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice in Golden, Colorado. She serves as an expert witness in the area of trauma for the State of Colorado as well as assists the FBI in human trafficking cases. Working primarily with highly motivated, educated and forward thinking women, she has compiled thousands of data points which her clientele have presented over the past 20 years. These common themes and eventual strategies for overcoming struggles in day to day life inform her speaking. Her goal for participants is to create a framework for them to live a more intentional life. Her seminars are interactive, strategic, actionable and have been lauded as the most engaging, out of the box self-evaluative process a team can engage in for 60-90 minutes. Participants will grow on the intimate individual level as well as as a team.
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Suggested Length:60 min(Flexible)
# of Employees: Flexible
Format: Live via Zoom
Available Formats:
  • Keynote Followed by Q&A
  • Lecture with Discussion
  • Interactive Workshop

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