What you will learn:

AK walks employees through his unbranded workshop, showcasing the incredible complexity of each individual human being.

Our ability to influence is directly correlated to our ability to communicate effectively. The ability to communicate effectively is a skillset we must continually develop to improve our interpersonal relationships and even emotional intelligence.

Now, we can join toastmasters or proactively work on sparking up conversations with random strangers, but that will only take us so far. To really grow our interpersonal muscles, we must first develop our introspective communication muscles. That may sound counter-intuitive, you're thinking? How can I become a stronger communicator by going inward?

Think of it like shooting a bow and arrow. The more you pull the strings on the bow backward, the more power you have to shoot the arrow further. The same is with improving our introspective communication abilities, it actually increases the load, just like the string of a bow, to enhance your ability to communicate interpersonally.

The greater you know the layers that make you who you are, the better it will be for you to build faster rapport, as a result, build stronger connections, build trust faster, as well as increase your influence when used in an empowering way.

This session will take you through an Unbranded process to deepen your introspective communication muscles as well as the framework to teach it to your team.

Key Takeaway 1
Finding your why as well as where it fits within your other priorities and obligations.

Key Takeaway 2
Identify the multi-dimensional aspects or moment which makes us who we are. Trust me, it's not what you think.

Key Takeaway 3
Learn actionable skills on how to make authentic connections with your friends, colleagues, and even complete strangers.

This is a powerful exercise for all participants.

About the instructor:

AK Ikwuakor, also known as Coach AK, is a former top ten world-ranked athlete, triplet, entrepreneur, educator, consultant and strategic storyteller who has traveled to 30+ countries working with students, professional athletes, coaches, governmental agencies, celebrities, CEO’s, employees of Fortune 100 companies, scholars, victims affected by terrorism and even community leaders from around the world through his entrepreneurial ventures. His endeavors have included work in sports diplomacy, storytelling, fashion, Virtual reality, global education, business coaching, as well as several others.

He has led an unorthodox path which began by narrowly missing the 2008 Olympic games to working at top educational institutions such as Phillips Exeter Academy and The St. Paul’s School, to now founding a fashion company for athletes. AK has collaborated or worked with companies such as Google, Raymond James, UBS, Biogen, Dear World, Duke Basketball, NYU, Dermelogica, Jimmy V Foundation, the State Department, WeWork, ImpactHUB, Oath and even victims affected by terrorism.

Through his work he has been featured in Sports Illustrated, Nike, Yurbuds, Women’s Health, Sony, Fox Sports, The Doctors, and was even a contestant on the Fox game show, Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader? with his triplet brother. (Unfortunately, they were not smarter than a 5th Grader.)

AK is the founder of MobileXA, a business development agency helping entrepreneurs scale their startups in 90 days. as well as, the Sales Excellence Lead at Google. He currently resides in Marina Del Rey with his partner, Yasmin, and 8-year-old daughter, Haiven. AK enjoys rock climbing, standup comedy and traveling.
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