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You'll learn the difference between identity and intersectionality
You'll get your Power Score, a tool to understand your relative advantages
You'll discuss the importance of intersectionality in inclusion at work

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This interactive training session dives into how our identities interact to create privilege that may shape our workplace experiences. Learners will explore the effects of intersecting identities, how they impact opportunities, advantages and disadvantages, and discuss how they can use intersectionality to build more inclusive environments in the workplace. We’ll establish "group norms" to create a brave and safe space for...

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Interactive Workshop

Best for employees who want to talk, connect, and engage in hands-on training.

Best for teams up to 60 people

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What People Are Saying About This Class

Delroy Waugh is a dynamic, engaging speaker who welcomes us to explore our privileges (advantages) and disadvantages. Delroy made it very easy to be vulnerable. He shared compelling examples, and that seem to convert to participants sharing specific compelling experiences. I could have done hours of this workshop. The Power Score tool revealed how I have gained much more awareness of my advantages in several areas in recent years, but it also revealed how I am not in circles and spaces where I am nudged to expand my awareness (language, citizenship, formal education). This is a fantastic elective.

More About Delroy Waugh

Delroy Waugh works with leaders and organizations who are committed to doing the tough work of creating inclusion and equity to solve difficult people problems. He gets excited to tackle issues related to talent acquisition, people development, employee management, change management, and ADIBE (access, diversity, inclusion, belonging, and equity). Delroy thrives when helping individuals and teams find and unleash their...

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