What you will learn:

How can young professionals ensure they have the necessary skill sets and mindsets to compete in today’s complex and ever-changing world? The pressure on today’s young professionals to succeed and innovate is mounting as the workplace becomes more fast-paced, quickly evolving, and digitized. How can we help young professionals and Gen Z prepare to grow throughout their careers?

In this course, you will learn evidence-based strategies on how to develop a culture that promotes personal growth for new hires and in particular Gen Z. There will be a focus on the value of mentorship and self-advocacy. Developing programs that foster interpersonal, communications and leadership soft skills are critical to cultivating a culture in which young professionals feel valued and can successfully transition into the workforce. Ultimately, our goal is to help young professionals acquire the skill set needed to contribute to their personal and organizational success. We will learn how to get comfortable with the uncomfortable via dialogue, activities, and a reflective discussion.

Come join us on this journey!

About the instructor:

Jaime is an innovative urban educator, author, and highly sought after national keynote speaker who is well known for his ability to inspire and educate students of all ages, coach educators and engage parents. Jaime also trains professionals on DEI best practices in the workplace, creating culturally competent policies for K-12 schools, colleges/universities, nonprofits and the corporate sector, while empowering employees to hone the power of their unique story.

In addition, Jaime is a Fellow for Civic Engagement at USC Annenberg Center for Third Space Thinking at the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. At The Center, Jaime leads the development of curricula aimed at developing soft skills, working closely with youth from underrepresented communities, first-generation undergraduate and graduate college students. In addition, Jaime leads professional development seminars for educators on how to foster soft skills among themselves and the students and communities they serve.

Jaime has designed and implemented programming and curriculum for students, parents and educators in over 35 states across the United States. His research interests include fostering social emotional support in first-generation low-income students, parent and student resiliency, developing a growth mindset, VUCA thinking in education, and transitioning young professionals into the workforce. Furthermore, he trains employees on the "life cycle of leadership" via adaptability, cultural competency, empathy, intellectual curiosity and 360 degree thinking modules.

Jaime is the proud author of two books: Project GRIT: Generating Resilience to Inspire Transformation (2015) and Accomplishing Success: Supporting Our Children with The Power of Culture (Buscando Vida, Encontrando Éxito: La Fuerza de La Cultura Latina en la Educación) (2016). He is currently working on his personal memoir which highlights his humble upbringing in South Central Los Angeles, growing up with a speech disability which he still has today, overcoming gang influence to become the first in his family to graduate from college, and earn a Master's degree.

Jaime earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of California, Santa Barbara and a Master of Public Policy (M.P.P.) from the University of Southern California, Sol Price School of Public Policy.
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Suggested Length:60 min(Flexible)
# of Employees: Flexible
Format: Live via Zoom
Available Formats:
  • Keynote Followed by Q&A
  • Lecture with Discussion
  • Interactive Workshop

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