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There's focus. And then there's Stoic focus. There's flow. And then there's Lao Tzu's version of flow. There's outcomes. And then there's the philosopher's view of outcomes.

If you think about the philosophers of the past - they got a lot done. They wrote and spoke a ton, got out there and stirred things up, they activated change, and they solidified their legacies forever. Did they just sit around? No. Did they just ponder and think all the time? No.

They rolled up their sleeves, go to work, and shaped society. From their experiences, you can learn a whole new way of getting things done that you won't find in any productivity hack, time management tweak, or hustle hype.

In this actionable and practical lecture and workshop you will learn the philosopher way of the 3 modes of productivity, and walk away with 7 practical exercises that will help you, well, get on with it!

About the instructor:

Socrates imparts courage. Lao Tzu strengthens decisions. Marcus Aurelius models leadership. Emerson espouses resilience. Plato upholds principles. Epictetus teaches focus. Ficino inspires purpose. The greatest thinkers of all time can help you with the greatest challenges you face at work. Learning from them you tap into the most important skill and asset you have. ✪ Wisdom ✪ As the world's first Industrial Philosopher, Cristina DiGiacomo works with executives and entrepreneurs to teach them ideas and concepts from the greatest thinkers of all time, so they cultivate their minds, manage with calm, navigate obstacles and lead the way. From a 20 year career as a rank-and-file and executive to a Master's degree in Organizational Change Management to 10 years of study in Practical Philosophy, Cristina combines all three as a driving force behind the idea that you can create great experiences at work by being wiser.

With her background in communications and strategy experience in start-up and corporate environments and working for award-winning and iconic companies such as Citigroup, AMC Networks, The New York Times, and R/GA, Cristina has a deep understanding of the workplace and how people interact.

Cristina is a a Faculty Member of the C-Suite Network’s Thought Council, and a Philosopher-in-Residence for the Women’s Leadership Council.

✪ Featured in: Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, Global Trade, The Young Upstarts, IntelligentHQ, The Dumas Clarion, The Black Chronicle, Flagstaff Business, The Times, In Business, Central New York Business Journal. ✪ Appearances: Jeffrey Hayzlett's "All Business Live", Agile NYC Conference, CEO Chat TV, 2U Daily Dose of Team Time, CoronaTV, Escala Latam Innovation Conference, C-Suite Network Leadership Series

✪ Awards: IAOTP Industrial Philosopher of the Year 2021, Cannes Cyber Lion (shortlist), 2x New York Time’s Publishers Award
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