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You'll gain an understanding of what the Black Atlantic is
You'll gain deeper awareness of how the Black Atlantic came to be
You'll build a deeper understanding of the evolution of Blackness

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Coined by philosopher and sociologist Paul Gilroy, the Black Atlantic is the transnational cultural construction created through the spreading of African people across the world (the African Diaspora) as a result of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. It is a web of multi-culture in the western hemisphere and beyond, all rooted in the original cultures of those who were victims of...

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More About Shaunda Lewis

Shaunda Lewis is the Decolonization Coach: a guide through tackling truth, reconciliation, and transformation. A Master Decolonizer of spirit and structure she works with others to remember who they are, tackle their fears, awaken their power, extend grace, and build that which is led and driven by love. ...

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Shaunda Lewis

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