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Learning to tell a compelling story within a group leads to stronger peer connections and greater confidence and personal presentation. In a fun and relaxed learning environment, this “Not the Same Old Story” is designed to take a small group of people through the process of creative storytelling. Each section helps foster meaningful relationships among the participants by becoming familiar with each other’s learning and teaching styles, and by sharing meaningful life lessons and formative experiences. In addition to forging meaningful connections between the storytellers, participants will gain the skills necessary to become a more confident public speaker and science communicator.

About the instructor:

David Marino has been coaching industry leaders in transformative communication for over 25 years.
Using creative and dynamic presentation techniques from scripted and improvisational theater, he engages with individuals, non-profit and for-profit companies to create inspiring and interactive leadership practices that demonstrate powerful and effective communication strategies.

In addition to individual coaching, David has shared his skills and experience with financial institutions, hotel industries, museums, theaters, research laboratories, non-profit charities, retail companies, and environmental conservation organizations.

David was an executive coach at ImprovBoston for over 15 years and is the Director of Improv at Curry College. He has been affiliated with Peter Bubriski Associates since 2006, where he collaborated on creating executive management workshops for UBS in London, Hong Kong, & New York City.
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