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Employees today are facing unprecedented challenges, uncertainty, and stress. And while we can’t change the actual stressors of the world right now, the science suggests we can change how we respond to them. Stress is a cycle, and we must learn how to complete that cycle so we can return to a balanced state. In this training, we will harness the science of our stress response to learn strategies to calm it, reframe it, and complete the cycle and ultimately stress better.

About the instructor:

Dr. Delvina Miremadi-Baldino is the founder and Chief Resilience Officer of Realize Your Resilience, a company dedicated to helping individuals, schools, and organizations build upon their strengths and foster resilience so they can grow, succeed and thrive. Dr. Miremadi-Baldino also currently works as the Director of Research and Program Development at Life Advantages, LLC, where she applies over fifteen years of experience specializing in resilience education and program development. Dr. Miremadi-Baldino has created and delivered a multitude of resources and programs for colleges and universities, including the Realize Your Resilience Toolkit , the Resilience Success Assessment (RSA), and the Thrive Through It student resilience course. Most recently, Dr. Miremadi has partnered with NASPA (Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education) to offer a resilience building course to all of their professional members. Prior to this, she worked for Children’s Hospital of Boston’s Department of Psychiatry, developing innovative depression and suicide prevention tools for high school and college students. Dr. Miremadi-Baldino received her Ed.M. from Harvard University in Human Development and Psychology and completed her doctorate in Educational Leadership at Simmons College, where her research specialized in understanding and fostering resilience in minority students. Dr. Miremadi-Baldino is a Certified Applied Positive Psychology Practitioner (CAPP), Certified Positive Educator, and Certified Coach. Dr. Miremadi-Baldino’s extensive training in Education and Psychology places her at the forefront of developing programs that promote resilience to help children, young adults, parents and professionals live more flourishing lives.
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