What you will learn:

In this course, participants learn how to identify their social and emotional intellgence (EQ) strengths and how to begin using them to strategically manage themselves and their relationships at work.

Liza debunks the myth that EQ is a code word for "nice" by breaking down the term according to neuroscience and traditional opinions about women and emotions in the workplace. Then, participants focus on emphasizing the intelligence in emotional intelligence through:
  • Learning to become aware of their own and others' emotions and using that information to manage their behavior and relationships
  • Turning the feeling of empathy into a jumping off point for actions like setting boundaries, choosing compassion, and making strategic moves
  • Identifying how to use their unique EQ strengths to manage real-life challenging situations
Participants walk away with the understanding that their natural, emotional responses are information they can strategically assess to become more successful at connecting, influencing, and catalyzing change.

About the instructor:

Liza Dube is the founder of Good Dube Consultiing, a boutique communications and leadership consultancy focused on using Social and Emotional Intelligence to build authentic connections. A natural leader with a way with words, Liza found herself shaping 360 marketing and public relations campaigns from the very start of her career, which has spanned the political, energy, consumer packaged goods, social enterprise, and nonprofit industries, selling everything from inclusive healthcare legislation to organic yogurt.

What she learned was that no matter what you call it - your instincts, your inner voice, your gut - how you choose to listen to your emotional intelligence shapes your inner experience and success influencing others.

After nearly 20 years as an award-winning marketing and communciations leader for mission-driven organizations including Stonyfield and Housing Partnership Network, Liza now supports heart-centered leaders creating more inclusive, effective communcations strategies ranging from staff management to brand marketing. As a coach, she focuses on emotionally intelligent strategic planning for personal and professional transitions. In all of her work, Liza combines best practices in persuasive communications, marketing, and branding with her certifications in Women's Leadership and Social and Emotional Intelligence assessment and coaching.
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Suggested Length75 min
# of Employees100

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