What you will learn:

In this one-of-a-kind course, you'll learn how to help others process their thoughts and emotions so you can help them focus on what really matters. Leaders and managers need a reliable, efficient, and effective way to cut through the fluff and get to the heart of both personal and team issues. In this engaging and interactive class, participants will learn to dig deep and take action on their opportunities. This class can be geared towards either of the following:
  1. Leadership Training - In this workshop leaders will learn the Dig to Fly Method. This course is designed to gives leaders clarity on how to improve communication with their team. Dig to Fly is a step-by-step process during which leaders sit down with an employee, dig deep into what is weighing them down and guides them towards turning their struggle into opportunities to grow their career. This method helps people develop growth mindset skills, so they can be their own problem solver.
  2. Team Training - During this workshop we will experience the Dig to Fly method as a team. This will guide us towards figuring out the biggest issue that the team is facing. We go through the method to help the team understand where to put their time and energy, so the team can move forward and reach their goals. I encourage the leader of the team to meet with me one-on-one prior to this session because it helps set the foundation for working with the team. In the one-on-one session you'll come out with your spotlight value: the value that often influences 80% of your decisions. When you understand your spotlight value, it helps you calibrate your work together.
Top 3 Benefits
  1. Strengthen company culture
  2. Develop leaders
  3. Retain employees

About the instructor:

Karl Staib is the founder of the Dig to Fly Method. He trains employees and leaders to use his method so that people can understand what is holding them back from doing work that they love and reaching their goals. He has been featured by Forbes, NPR and Zen Habits and has worked with great companies such as Philips Global, Southwest Research Institute and Pioneer Nation.

Karl is a seasoned speaker, author of the book Bring Gratitude and a consultant who helps entrepreneurs turn their struggles into stepping stones. He built a thriving marketing consultant business before he decided to follow his passion for helping people dig deeper. Karl lives in San Antonio, TX with his wife and two sons (Gavin and Erik). He considers himself to be a really a big dork with some cool superpowers. Above all, Karl loves the process of discovery. He loves his family, meditation, his dogs (when they aren't digging in his backyard), Yoga, business books, and journaling.
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