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After the murder of George Floyd, many people around the world became aware of the plight and harassment felt in the African American community and became aware of systems of inequities that have been pervasive in various ways for centuries.

In the branding business, certain buzz words get a lot of attention, and depending on how they are defined, there may be mis and under representation in how branding campaigns are imagined, created, and executed. Diversity just may be one of those buzz words. Over the years, “diversity” has taken on different meanings in branding. So much so, it has become a word that has led to the exclusion of people it was initially meant to include.

In this course, we will discuss the history of the word “diversity,” how it has impacted marketing and advertising campaigns, as well as re-imagine how to be intentional about being inclusive when thinking about it, and ways to re-frame future work that will take place surrounding diversity and branding.

About the instructor:

As CEO of BOAZ Enterprises, LaTonya J. Pegues brings a wealth of experience and non-traditional solutions to BOAZ Enterprises clientele. After working in the aerospace and telecommunications industries in a variety of positions; including satellite and mission systems engineer, low temperature physics researcher, and communications/ PR expert, she founded and started BOAZ Enterprises a training, consulting, and communications firm in the year 2000.  Under her leadership, BOAZ Enterprises has provided services for clients in Africa, Asia, Europe, and throughout North America.

Ms. Pegues is an award winner, and is known as, "The Unconscious Bias Trainer,"  Ms. Pegues was a 2018 South by Southwest (SXSW) keynote speaker on Unconscious Bias, and her session was one of the top ten searched sessions in the interactive festival that year. Ms. Pegues provides training on a variety of topics including organizational and leadership development, team building, morale boosting, and unconscious/implicit bias.

Ms. Pegues is a proud graduate of Howard University, based in Washington, D.C, where she studied physics and mathematics. She was a Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC) scholar who conducted scientific research in the laboratory and presented her work and comments at physics conferences including at Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and others.  She is an alumna of the UCLA Anderson School's Riordan MBA Fellows Program.

Be on the lookout for her new upcoming book, "Unconscious Bias Revealed, How to Recognize and Un-do Bias."  To read her weekly blog, listen to her podcast, or watch video clips from her training, visit:  www.theUBtrainer.com and follow Ms. Pegues on social media @theUBtrainer.
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Suggested Length:90 min
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