What you will learn:

This session will explore the cultural nuances to health access within refugee and immigrant populations - the vulnerabilities, stigma, and understanding of the American healthcare system, the concept of refugee and immigrant mental health, nutrition, stress management, and general approaches to healthcare. We will examine the adjustment challenges of refugees/immigrants once they settle in the United States with emphasis on past trauma, and new stressors.

Learning Objectives:
  1. For participants to have adequate understanding of mental health challenges of refugees/immigrants, their resettlement challenges, cultural differences, traumatic barriers, concepts of cultural idioms and perception of healthcare.
  2. Increase cultural competency and gain understanding of refugee families’ diverse cultures and their approach to post-care vs. preventative health, mental health etc.
  3. Understand the importance and benefits of applying a holistic approach involving families in the planning, governance, outreach, and development of organizations.
  4. Understand how resilience, past experiences, and learning about refugees’ diverse cultures can benefit both providers and refugees/immigrants themselves.

About the instructor:

Dr. Omar Bah is the Founder and former Executive Director of the Refugee Dream Center, torture survivor, former journalist and refugee from The Gambia. Dr. Bah is also the author of the book, Africa’s Hell on Earth: The Ordeal of an African Journalist. He holds a bachelor’s degree in communications studies with a minor in political science; master’s degree in Public Administration; and master's in Counselling Psychology in Global Mental Health and a doctorate in Organizational & Leadership Psychology from William James College. Dr. Bah has also completed trauma treatment certification at the Harvard Medical School through the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma (HPRT).

Dr. Bah is currently an adjunct professor of clinical psychology at William James College, and teaches Global Mental Health Fundamentals at Harvard Medical School’s program in refugee trauma. He mentors approximately 150 refugee youth in leadership and community building each year. His organization serves more than 2,600 refugee individuals in case management and English learning, and reaches hundreds more families in health promotion activities. Bah has developed training material for trauma informed care, cultural intelligence in working with immigrant and refugee cultural populations and survivor-leadership, which he has delivered across the country. In January 2022, Dr. Bah was the first Democrat to announce his candidacy for Rhode Island’s 2nd Congressional District seat.
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