What you will learn:

Burnout. It happens, it exists—even if we think we’ve landed where we want to be. In this workshop we’ll talk about dealing with the stress and stressors that happen in our daily life. We’ll talk about when to shift away from situations, persons or places. We’ll talk about recognizing the body responses and how to soothe through them when stress or a heightened state occurs. We’ll create blueprints for rituals and routines that put your purpose and energy at the center to creating a more sustainable and holistic life. This workshop is great for anyone who has experienced burnout and has tried to change but still keeps ending back in that place --- or is working in a fast paced environment where burnout is common.

About the instructor:

Rach Junard (she/they) is a multi-faceted creative that ties their background in wellness, DEI, digital fundraising and tech together to emphasize the importance of collective care. In their work as a facilitator, Rach helps organizations and individuals transmute their energy from a place of intention to a place of action. They don’t believe in handing you the tools and a guidebook, Rach will offer a unique perspective and help you navigate your questions and path. Rach aims to cultivate an abundant and supportive environment for those who want to learn about, reflect on, and practice community accountability.
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Suggested Length60 min
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