What you will learn:

Rare is the project that goes as expected. Surprises, change, and issues are the norm. Great Project Managers anticipate the unexpected and create conditions for success with the long game in mind. When your stakeholders know you're looking ahead, they are more likely to let you do your job with minimal interruption and help you address things that might get in your way before they occur.

In this Elective, we will:
  1. Make the case why being proactive, anticipating risks and developing meaningful mitigation plans is critical to the success of any project
  2. Share real-life stories that illustrate how the law of unintended consequences, and the power of self-fulfilling prophecies can show up and how you can make them work for you
  3. Offer practical tips, trips and traps. How does this play into task planning, progress reports, stakeholder management and change management? How can you engage your team members to anticipate potential roadblocks, speed bumps and opportunities to accelerate?

About the instructor:

A musician at heart, Joe's upbringing and work over the past thirty years across countries, languages, cultures and industries instilled a deep appreciation for the power of perspective and collaboration. He has had the great fortune to work with some truly amazing teams.

Over the following two decades, Joe's accomplishments include:
  • being part of an international team of 20-somethings that launched a phone company in Spain in 8 months,
  • designing and delivering a course on international team leadership across 16 countries,
  • helping re-design Yamaha Music Corporation's commercial process (so fun),
  • helping raise two incredible human beings, and
  • being told to stay in his box many, many times.
In 2011, Joe formed Slatter Consulting and began to assemble the lessons he'd learned over time into something that could be used to help others improve how they improve. With a history of success inspiring groups and organizations to create more value through collaboration, design thinking, change enablement, talent development, process design/improvement and organization design, he created the Better Practice methodology to help others accelerate towards better.

The company began doing business as Better Practice in 2013 and proceeded to assemble a community of over 25 talented advisors, trainers, coaches and project managers across 5 countries. When the world went remote, it was like they suddenly all joined the world of Better Practice. Having worked in cyberspace for years, we were in a unique position to help others learn how to collaborate across space and timezones.

An engaging and dynamic speaker, Joe is passionate about helping individuals, teams and organizations of all kinds achieve and maintain high performance through collaboration and sustainable, continuous improvement. His practical and personable style inspires people to activate their best self and collaborate to drive growth.

Joe lives in Colorado and supports projects, engagements and teams around the world. He orders his three most important roles as: 1. Parent 2. Teacher 3. Barista.
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Suggested Length:75 min(Flexible)
# of Employees: Flexible
Delivery: Live via Zoom
Available Formats:
  • Keynote Followed by Q&A
  • Lecture with Discussion
  • Interactive Workshop

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