What you will learn:

In a well-run organization, communication is constant. Information flows from the C-suite downward in a clear way, and can ascend from the newest associate all the way up to the CEO's ear without distortion. If the goal is to run "like a well-oiled machine", then it's clear communication that lubricates every interaction.

But things get in the way: Some wield the truth like a bludgeon, ignoring other's feelings and destroying morale; Others are so concerned with being polite that they refuse to mention issues, robbing their team of the chance to address them.

How can we navigate these challenges?

The answer is Radical Candor --- a compassionate, direct communication style that helps your team communicate honestly while centering the humanity of others. In this workshop, your team will learn what Radical Candor is, why it's so powerful, how to be radically candid, and they'll get to practice it as a team. Adopting Radical Candor is a huge step in having a high-trust, high-alignment team.

About the instructor:

I’m an Executive/Leadership Coach and Facilitator who has been coaching, training, and facilitating for over 10 years in Greater Boston. I specialize in the Solution-Focused Method, Radical Candor, and DEI with “low-trust, high-heterogeneity” groups---people that are not necessarily predisposed to agree. Genuine transformation is hard work, so I use humor, unconventional examples, and a strong emphasis on interactivity and experiential learning to connect with people.

I started my career in behavioral health, designing and running the training department for the largest Black Community Service Agency in Massachusetts; Children’s Services of Roxbury. It was my job to help overworked, underpaid people make decisions that would alter the course of people’s lives, and helping leaders work their way through those situations turned out to be my calling. Since then, I‘ve worked with leaders from all sectors, and helped their organizations progress on issues like diversity, equity and inclusion, mission alignment, strategic planning, and conflict resolution. I currently run YW’s LeadBostonprogram and Genuity’s cohort. I teach Nonprofit Leadership and Community Engagement at the Harvard Extension School, I design and run the Federal Reserve’s Leaders for Equitable Local Economies program, and I coached MBA students at the Harvard Business School before that. I’ve also coached executives nationally for Root Cause, and I’m one of the recommended Executive Coaches for the Barr Foundation’s Fellowship.

What connects all of my work is change: helping people achieve the solutions they want, by changing the way they do things. It’s amazing how quickly momentum can build---a change in perspective leads to a change in behavior, leads to a change in results. Helping folks generate those results is what I love to do.
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Suggested Length:90 min(Flexible)
# of Employees: Flexible
Delivery: Live via Zoom
Available Formats:
  • Keynote Followed by Q&A
  • Lecture with Discussion
  • Interactive Workshop

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