What you will learn:

We’ve all read the news about “quiet quitting”, where employees are rejecting an “always on” culture, and are setting firmer boundaries around what they will and will not do for their jobs. Going above and beyond seems like a thing of the past, and it also seems contagious.

For managers, this means that you may have a backlog of work to deal with or you’re suddenly scrambling for coverage — and you’re also reluctant to bring it up for fear that “quiet quitting” might turn into actual quitting. You don’t have to suffer in silence, or feel overwhelmed, and you don’t have to be afraid of addressing the elephant in the room.

In fact, this trend calls for an honest, direct, and constructive conversation with your employees about what has changed, and what may need to change in order for them to feel more invested in the organization’s success. In this practical, interactive workshop, participants will learn:
  • What “quiet quitting” is and isn’t
  • What motivates employees to go above and beyond, and what doesn't
  • How to constructively address changes in an employee’s performance, work habits, and perceived commitment
  • How to get to the root of what’s driving someone who seems more checked out than checked in
  • How to make positive requests for people to step up
  • How to manage up when quiet quitting is impacting your own work

About the instructor:

Deborah Grayson Riegel is a keynote speaker and consultant who teaches leadership communication for Wharton Business School and Columbia Business School. She is a regular contributor for Harvard Business Review, Inc., Psychology Today, Forbes, and Fast Company. The author of "Overcoming Overthinking: 36 Ways to Tame Anxiety for Work, School, and Life,” she consults and speaks for clients including Amazon, BlackRock, Bloomberg, Johnson & Johnson, PepsiCo, and The United States Army. Her work has been featured in worldwide media, including Bloomberg Businessweek, Oprah Magazine, and The New York Times.
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Suggested Length60 min
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