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Myers-Briggs, Hogan, or StrengthsFinder? Personality assessments are used in the workplace in many ways; this course focuses on the benefits of personality assessments for individual leadership development and a growth mindset.

Rachana Bhide is a 22-year workplace psychologist and coach who uses personality tools to tap into strengths and personal development goals. When used appropriately, personality assessments move us from “I act this way because that’s who I am” to “how can I leverage all that I am, to grow into an even better version of myself?” This is a critical leadership skill for modern leaders.

This course offers insights to a variety of commercial and online tools for personality assessments. It includes hands-on activities for participants to begin uncovering the power of personality as a foundation for lifelong leadership development.

About the instructor:

Rachana Bhide is a 22-year leadership psychologist and broadcaster, formerly hosting on Bloomberg Radio and Bloomberg Live.

Rachana uses positive psychology as founder of The Corner of the Court Project, sharing success stories of men who play advocacy roles for women in the workplace. Rachana has headlined numerous engagements with companies such as LinkedIn, Google, the Los Angeles Chargers (NFL) and more, about “men as allies” and authentic ways to engage men and women as collaboration partners.

Her media appearances also include interviews with inspirational leaders across the international G7, and with the former Prime Minister of Denmark.

Rachana spent 14 years as a management consultant for Accenture; in her tenure she spent 3 years in a leadership role across the German-speaking nations' (Germany, Switzerland, Austria) change management practice. Now back in the United States, she continues to consult NYSE-listed companies on change, leadership, vision and values.

A truly creative thinker, Rachana earned a fashion certification from Vogue, and is a skilled speaker and facilitator of Design Thinking for innovation. Rachana holds a Master’s Degree in organizational psychology from Columbia University and lives in New York City.
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