What you will learn:

Mindfulness-Based Performance and Health Optimization©

This 60-min evidence-based course showcases the practice of mindfulness to support optimal performance, health, and well-being. Dr. Dyke highlights the adverse impact that stress and burnout has on individuals. The most simplistic form of stress is associated with physiological needs (e.g., food, water, sleep). The Pillars of Performance and Health© (Respiration | Hydration | Nutrition | Movement | Recovery) serve as the foundation of The Energetic State© (Mind | Body | Spirit).

The ultimate benefit? Participants acquire application-based practices to facilitate productivity, equanimity, vitality, and resilency––an effective toolkit to alleviate burnout!

About the instructor:

Ford Dyke is a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Kinesiology and Team USA Athlete. Dr. Dyke specializes in Performance and Exercise Psychophysiology and is a subject-matter expert in Mindfulness-Based Performance and Health Optimization©. He professes that optimal performance is dependent upon the integration of health and well-being.

As a professional consultant, Dr. Dyke provides a multifaceted approach through Live Seminars, Educational Webinars, Collaborative Workshops and Live Virtual Instruction. His consulting services have been implemented globally with high-profile performers and organizations such as elite athletes, business executives, military personnel and entrepreneurs.

Dr. Dyke is currently an Assistant Clinical Professor in the School of Kinesiology at Auburn University. Among his accomplishments, he was recipient of the 2019 Undergraduate Teaching Award and nominated for the 2020 Outstanding Faculty Outreach Award. He teaches courses in Performance-Based Psychology, Motor Learning and Performance, Mindfulness-Based Performance and Health Optimization©, Pillars of Health and Weight Management.
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