What you will learn:

An immersive negotiation skills series that addresses the root cause of why participants don't currently see themselves as negotiators then progresses to outline all the opportunities for negotiation they have within their daily lives. All participants will identify at least 25 opportunities to negotiate within their personal and professional life. Learn how to strategize your approach and leverage proven techniques to optimize your negotiation outcomes.
  1. Redefine Negotiation
  2. Meet Your Mind
  3. Plan Your Moves
  4. Think Outside The Box
  5. Listen: Actively & Silently
  6. Team Negotiations
  7. Leverage Emotional Intelligence
  8. Optimise Non-Verbal Communication
  9. Optimise Verbal Communication
  10. Reflection and Coaching
Discover how you can leverage negotiation skills to strengthen your relationships, optimize your performance, and transform your personal and professional life.

About the instructor:

Donna Hughes is an award-winning negotiator and founder of Launch Negotiation, a leading provider of negotiation training that delivers world-class workshops across Europe and North America. Through her passionate, energizing, and authentic approach to negotiation, Donna has empowered thousands of leaders around the world to harness their innate potential and embrace opportunities for negotiation in their daily life. Donna has been featured by the International Leadership Association, Cambridge Science Park, CGLCC, The Female Lead, TEDxYouth, Women of Influence, Leading Women, Power To Fly, Women In The City, Women In Banking And Finance, TRIEC, Skills For Change, amongst many other organizations.
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Suggested Length120 min
# of Employees40

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