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Have you ever noticed that little voice in your head doing analysis, solving problems and preparing sage advice while your boss or a colleague is talking? Maybe it’s a friend or spouse who’s sharing a problem or a challenge and you’re waiting for a break in the action to share your bit of wisdom that will make it all better.

We all probably do it to some extent. That doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. If we really want to understand what's going on and be better team members, leaders, family members and friends, we might consider setting our judgments aside and fully engaging curiosity for a little bit. In this session we will take a lesson from Kaldi, the goatherd who discovered coffee.

If you regularly practice active listening, you're probably already a good listener. Want to take it up a level? What if you could listen to a whole room and put diverse points of view to productive use in the moment? Be warned: if you can do this, people will want you in their meetings. Collaboration will be easier, more effective, and more satisfying for everyone with you around.

About the instructor:

A musician at heart, Joe's upbringing and work over the past thirty years across countries, languages, cultures and industries instilled a deep appreciation for the power of perspective and collaboration. He has had the great fortune to work with some truly amazing teams.

In the late 1980's as a student of engineering, political science and philosophy, he sang bass with the Ohio State Men's Glee club; awarded "Choir of the World" at the prestigious International Music Esteddfod in Scotland. As a young systems analyst in the early 1990's, during a 9-month "foreign assignment," Joe helped support a fledgling private mobile telecom industry which ended up spanning 9 years, 7 countries, 5 roles, 4 languages and a family.

Over the following two decades, Joe's accomplishments include:
  • being part of an international team of 20-somethings that launched a phone company in Spain,
  • designing and delivering a course on international team leadership across 16 countries,
  • helping re-design Yamaha Music Corporation's commercial process,
  • and helping to raise two incredible human beings
In 2011, Joe formed Slatter Consulting and began to assemble the lessons he'd learned over time into something that could be used to help others improve how they improve. With a history of success inspiring groups and organizations to create more value through collaboration, design thinking, change enablement, talent development, process design/improvement and organization design, he created the Better Practice methodology to help others accelerate towards better.

An engaging and dynamic speaker, Joe is passionate about helping individuals, teams and organizations of all kinds achieve and maintain high performance through collaboration and sustainable, continuous improvement. His practical and personable style inspires people to activate their best self and collaborate to drive growth.

Joe lives in Colorado and supports projects, engagements and teams around the world. He orders his three most important roles as: 1. Parent 2. Teacher 3. Barista.
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