What you will learn:

Experiencing mental fatigue and emotional stress? You are not alone. Prolonged high stress from COVID-19, the state of affairs in the U.S., and personal challenges have caused most of us to feel overwhelmed.

If you are seeking some new skills to improve your mental wellness, cognitive abilities, and sense of work/life balance, then this session is for you.

We’ve been hearing about the benefits of mindfulness for over a decade, but we haven’t quite translated it to the workplace in meaningful ways. Mindfulness is about much more than paying attention to breathing or taking a yoga class. I’ll debunk the myths about mindfulness and meditation.

I will draw from my experience leading a mindfulness strategy at Aetna (a health care company with 45,000 employees) as well as my extensive teacher training in the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program.

We will explore the short and long-term benefits of mindfulness to your whole being-- physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual. You will leave with simple strategies for bringing mindfulness into daily living.

About the instructor:

Helping others to thrive isn’t just what I do, it’s who I am. A serial entrepreneur, I’ve always been ahead of what’s hot in the wellness industry. I introduce evidenced-based practices and principles to help people flourish personally and professionally. My tenets address the whole person across all areas of health; mental, physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and physical. There’s nothing soft about "soft skills". Change happens from the inside-out; one person, one team, one business unit at a time. Mindfulness plays a critical role in culture transformation no matter how big or small the company is. Or what the industry. In 2010, I was recruited by Aetna (a health care company with 45,000 employees) to lead the design and implementation of a commercial wellness coaching program engaging over 250,000 members across 52 customers (including Aetna employees). During my nine years, I functioned as an intrapreneur influencing without authority and executing to meet commitments aligned with strategic priorities. I received the Chairman's Leadership Award and the Norman Vincent Peale Award for bringing mindfulness to corporate culture. My experience on the inside of a large company as well as with supporting small businesses, is that there is often a siloed approach when it comes to engagement, wellness, DEI, and culture. I can work with your leaders to connect these dots, create a strategy, and prioritize initiatives.
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Suggested Length90 min
# of Employees100

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