What you will learn:

After thousands of conversations with people about their finances, Matt has identified one recurring problem: People have an unhealthy relationship with their money. It gives them anxiety. They are nervous to talk about it. Nobody wants to sound stupid, or even worse, get taken advantage of.

This Elective will change your relationship with money forever.

It's time to understand how money works so you can take control of your financial life. You need to look at money like chess pieces on a board, not a gorilla you're carrying on your back.

Change starts with education.

In this course you'll learn:
  • Why you can't budget your way to becoming a millionaire
  • How to effectively manage cash flow
  • The difference between good and bad debt
  • How to make money in the market over the long term
  • What changes you should make to your 401(k)/403(b) today
When you change your relationship with money, you change your life.

About the instructor:

Matt turned his five years in the minor leagues with the Royals into a lifetime of helping athletes and high performing individuals take control of their money.

Baseball changed his life. It brought him places he never could have imagined, quite literally - living in Idaho Falls, Idaho, was not a bucket list item for him.

And it made him into the man he is today: a man of faith, a husband, a dad of five kids, a thought leader in business and the community, and a financial advisor for high performing individuals, many of whom are current and former athletes.

Today he runs an athlete-focused financial advisory practice at Beck Bode, a registered investment advisor in the Greater Boston Area, where every day he coaches his clients on putting their hard earned dollars to work for them.
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