What you will learn:

No one starts each work day with an evil plan to upset everyone and create turmoil and frustration wherever they go. Most work colleagues are just trying to do the best they can but sometimes they make mistakes, miscommunicate or do not realize the full impact that their words and actions may have.

In this highly thought-provoking and interactive Elective, participants will learn a very simple but useful model that will help them plan and lead a difficult conversation. Participants will actually practice leading such a conversation in a safe, supportive environment, with immediate constructive feedback; and as a result, they will acquire new tools and insights to help them to effectively calm tensions, solve problems and manage conflict if and when they arise in future.

About the instructor:

Jeremy Solomons is a global sojourner, who has worked and traveled in 40+ countries and lived in nine of them, including his current base of Kigali, Rwanda. Having grown up in England, studied French at Oxford and worked full-time for six large multinational organizations - including Citibank, Reuters and the World Bank - his mission is to coach and train current and future leaders to help them maximize their human potential by fully knowing who they are, crafting a bold vision for the future and communicating clearly and inclusively with all around them.
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Suggested Length90 min
# of Employees25

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