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A framework to evaluate how well you are managing your competing priorities.
A process to release commitments or behaviors that don't serve you.
A model to evaluate potential opportunities and determine if they serve you.
Clear action steps to gain a greater sense of control.

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We all play various and competing roles, which can often leave us feeling overwhelmed and off-balance. In this Elective, you’ll learn to juggle the myriad “hats” you wear with skill and confidence by: Naming your hats Setting aside the ones that don’t serve you Focusing your energy on the hats that matter most This Elective introduces the Ringmaster's Model for Successful Hat Juggling:...

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Best for employees who want to talk, connect, and engage in hands-on training.

Best for teams up to 60 people

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I though it was great session. With the amount of burnout in the workplace right now the topic and the practical tips are excellent. The exercise makes you think - rethink what you do and why.

More About Hanna J. Miller

My first career spanned two decades working in a circus, where I learned how to engage an audience as a performer, a director, a producer, and an executive. During this time, I learned how to effectively lead an incredibly diverse team including lion tamers, acrobats, magicians, bartenders, and accountants in a high-pressure, 365-day operation that performed over 500 shows a...

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