What you will learn:

This workshop is designed to help employees manage the stress at their job: deadlines, productivity, challenging work environment, difficult team members, and the context of today.   They will learn to identify the difference between stress and burnout in addition to basic but very effective self-care strategies to keep the positive momentum going all year long! The goal is to improve attitude, choices, and overall life so that all employees can be happier, healthier and more effective at their job and life.

About the instructor:

Julie McGrath is a licensed independent clinical social worker who has developed a professional speaking business where, over the past ten years, she has conducted workshops and webinars on a plethora of workplace issues.  Julie is an industry thought leader who works with both large and small audiences; she has been known for her innovative and energetic keynote speeches and workshops. Julie's focus is on promoting a positive workplace through leadership, wellness, and relationship focused content. She has a dynamic, energetic style that is mixed with humor to make her a captivating and engaging speaker.
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Suggested Length90 min
# of Employees100

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