What you will learn:

Have you ever found yourself frustratingly typing “per my last email” in an office or family communication? Visual information processing isn’t everybody’s forte, a quick call could make a world of difference, or how about sending a video or voice message? We have the technology!!

In this Elective on Neurodiversity, Graham Hulbert will guide learners to reframe their definition of intelligence. Learners will develop a deeper understanding of neurodiversity, and dive most deeply into dyslexia through facts and personal stories. Learners will discover the strengths and challenges of dyslexia in the workplace, and how the dyslexic brain works differently. Graham will propose a way to understand how different "calibrations" of the brain can result in the vast diversity of thinking and feeling types on the spectrum of neurodiversity. Through discussion you'll dive into how other neurodivergent (dont worry we'll walk through definitions too!) conditions display and result in brilliance, frustrations, and diversity of thought, in life and life at work.

This Elective will enable people not only to be better coworkers, managers, and leaders, but also better friends, parents, and community members. Learners will leave this Elective with the skills and understanding that will enable them to empathetically connect with, and bring out the best in, their inevitably neurodiverse teams and communities.

About the instructor:

Graham Hulbert is a Enginerd, Naturalist, Maker, and a Poet. A self described "multipotentialite," it is fitting that he grew up on two different continents splitting time between the US and the UK.

Graham was diagnosed with dylsexia at age 7 and then whisked off to boarding school at age 9. The privilege of his education, combined with the feelings of being alone and broken (as young Graham learned to interperet his dyslexia), has turned Graham into a great problem solver and a passionate advocate for Neuro-Inclusion. While growing up, Graham often turned to nature for a sense of belonging; and his love of the natural world is still strong today so you will often see it pop up in the imagery and analogies he uses in his training.

In Portland OR where Graham calls home, he fullfills his drive for multiple-potentials by serving on the board for a local community science non-profit, and by volunteering for the forest service as a predator tracker, plus a trail steward with the Pacific Crest Trail Association. When he isn't in the mountains, Graham can be found engaging with a client in his consulting work, supporting problem solving initiatives, or managing large scale strategic change. Of coure there is also his workshop where he can be found restoring classic cars, fabricating furniture, and/or crafting leather goods for his small Etsy shop!
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