What you will learn:

Influencers - it’s not new!

Learn from Joe Foster, the founder of Reebok, how back in the 1920’s, J W Foster & Sons recognized who the influencers were of the day and how important they were to their business. Then, follow the historical role of influeners throughout the last century:
  • During the 1940's and 50's, influencers were rarely used
  • A resurgence in the 1980's and 90's when ompanies began using celebrity endorsement
  • 2020 - learn how the influencer profile has moved to today
The class includes QA time to ask Joe about lessons from founding and building Reebok.

About the instructor:

Joseph William Foster (Joe Foster) was born in 1935 in Bolton, England with the same birthday 18th May, as his grandfather, also Joseph William Foster who had died 18 months earlier. Joe’s grandfather was the founder of J W Foster & Sons (Athletic Shoes) Ltd and the inventor of the Spiked Running Shoe and the Trainer (Sneaker).

Joe and his late brother Jeff were born into the J W Foster & family business, but on their return after two years away from home on National Service, they asked questions. The year was 1955 and the brothers saw a business still rooted in the 1930’s.

Their Father and Uncle were now operating the business and very much like another Sports Shoe company, spent more time feuding than collaborating. The result was that in 1958 Joe and Jeff left the Foster business to set up a new Sports Shoe company.

The brothers founded Mercury Sports Footwear, which after 18 months they changed its name to REEBOK. Joe had been advised to protect their company’s name by registering it.

By 1965, Joe was on his way to the NSGA (National Sporting Goods of America) Show in Chicago, which was the start of many Global adventures and experiences that after 15 years brought him together with Paul Fireman and later many stars of film and television. As the surviving Founder of Reebok, Joe still welcomes the opportunity to travel and recount those early stories from start-up to becoming World's No. 1. Joe has written a book documenting the history and his journey and signed copies with an extra gift can be ordered here: http://www.jwfosterheritage.com

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