What you will learn:

Innovation is spontaneous and brilliant creation. Even the most creative organizations can struggle with finding ways to breathe life in their programs, messages and client relationships.

Improv theater actors use the same words, themes and ideas the rest of us do, and yet create a unique and exciting show every night. Their ability to innovate comes applying universal innovation principles of unconditional support and team-based ideation.

In this training, you will learn how develop a team that can:
  • Implement team-based ideation
  • Foster unconditional collaboration
  • Pivot quickly and fully to new ideas
  • Leverage new and novel thinking for constructive results
  • Discover solutions through divergent thinking

About the instructor:

David Marino has been coaching industry leaders in transformative communication for over 25 years.
Using creative and dynamic presentation techniques from scripted and improvisational theater, he engages with individuals, non-profit and for-profit companies to create inspiring and interactive leadership practices that demonstrate powerful and effective communication strategies.

In addition to individual coaching, David has shared his skills and experience with financial institutions, hotel industries, museums, theaters, research laboratories, non-profit charities, retail companies, and environmental conservation organizations.

David was an executive coach at ImprovBoston for over 15 years and is the Director of Improv at Curry College. He has been affiliated with Peter Bubriski Associates since 2006, where he collaborated on creating executive management workshops for UBS in London, Hong Kong, & New York City.
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Suggested Length120 min
# of Employees100

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