Top Takeaways

What 4MAT communication is and why it’s important to cater your sales approach
How to build a talk track for each learner in one singular sales pitch
Simplify 4MAT communication by practicing for something in your day to day life
Apply to your own product or service offering to drive more sales!

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It probably comes as no surprise that every person learns and retains information differently, and the same goes for those on the receiving end of a sales conversation.  4MAT communication is a world renowned learning framework for selling to people across a variety of different learning styles. By using this framework, we can address each of these learning styles in an...

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Interactive Workshop

Best for employees who want to talk, connect, and engage in hands-on training.

Best for teams up to 60 people

Facilitated Learning

Best for employees who like to listen with some engagement and discussion throughout.

Best for teams up to 90 people

Class Durations

Flexible class lengths to meet your team’s needs.


More About Marita Hansen

Marita is a sales leader turned money and mindset coach. She helps young people ditch their fears around money and build their dream plans for the future—with ease. Marita uses her own experience in going from $120K in debt to becoming completely debt-free. In her early twenties, she began investing for the future and built her own approachable path to...

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Marita Hansen

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