What you will learn:

Clarity drives performance, builds relationships, and strengthens trusts. In this roundtable workshop, we come together through a series of curated questions and deep listening to better understand our team members and hear their vision for collaboration and for the company.

By taking an hour+ to listen, question, and reflect, we surface unique, actionable and long-lasting insights. This particular style of guiding the discussion allows for all to feel included and valued.

Apply the results from this workshop towards removing barriers, improving communications, and freshening the committment to yourselves and each other. This discussion is incredibly impactful at Fortune 500 companies, governments, startups, and leading brands alike. It creates "tremendous clarity to advance business objectives and reinforce professional relationships." Treat your team to this opportunity to learn and grow.

About the instructor:

Zach Braiker is an innovation and creative problem-solving consultant for executives in high performing organizations. He inspires leaders to ask better questions and uses curiosity to inform strategy, discover unforeseen opportunities, and understand problems in transformative new ways.

As the CEO of refine+focus, the global consultancy he founded in 2004, forward-looking organizations engage him to improve their marketing, transform digitally, buildcustomer-centric product strategies, and accelerate their team’s performance. Organizations like the World Bank and the Kingdom of Jordan, Mylan, Philips, Symantec’s Innovation Lab, The Guardian, Lincoln Financial, Humana have benefitted from his approach, which builds capacity while solving problems simultaneously.

A core principle of Zach’s work is the belief in the power of diverse leadership and the dignity of the individual. He strives to create clarity, lead with curiosity, and hold humanity at the heart of everything he does. His approach ensures that all feel seen, heard, and valued.

He applies this approach as a leader, mentor, and board member in the innovation ecosystem. He currently serves as a TaskForce Member in TiE’s Seed to Series A Accelerator Scale Up, a mentor at Dubai’s leading startup Accelerator Area 2071, andan advisor to VC and PE organizations.

He furthers his commitment to gender equality by serving on the Board of the Center for Intimacy Justice, and co-hosting innovation collective for Gen Z women leaders. He taught innovation and social marketing as an
adjunct professor at Emerson College, and Harvard Business Review and CIO magazine have quoted him on innovation and goal setting.

Zach graduated Magna Cum Laude from Tufts University. He believes anything is possible when you ask the right questions.
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Suggested Length:75 min(Flexible)
# of Employees: Flexible
Format: Live via Zoom
Available Formats:
  • Keynote Followed by Q&A
  • Lecture with Discussion
  • Interactive Workshop

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