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Just when it feels as though women are gaining ground in the quest for equality - after all, 60% of college students are female and women routinely outperform men in leadership assessments - a landmark decision is made and much of that progress feels lost. The 2022 decision by the Supreme Court of the United States to overturn Roe v Wade marks a significant turning point in society's progress towards a just and equitable society. The decision must be seen as not only affecting women, but of course also affecting men, transgender people, and non-binary and gender non-conforming people. But how exactly does this decision affect our daily lives? And what does it mean for gender-based inclusion efforts? What can we do - as members of the group but also as allies - to understand the issue fairly and then act on it? This 75 minute Elective will briefly track the history of such decisions alongside social progress for women, and then critically examine the factors that continue to push and pull at gender based equality. The Elective will include a brief facilitated discussion to bring out and amplify the various perspectives and voices of people who continue to grapple with this latest decision.

About the instructor:

Dr. Priya Nalkur is the President of the RoundTable Institute. As a teacher, coach and facilitator, she is deeply committed to amplifying the voices of new and seasoned leaders who want to broaden their influence and contribution to the world. Her unique approach seeks to awaken the unconscious potential and wisdom of leaders and teams. A psychologist by training, Priya brings her facility with psychological and communications theory to her students in a bold, fun, smart, and memorable way to model what influence and authenticity look like. She’s got lots of stories to tell about helping her clients overcome the odds and find their most authentic (and effective!) way to lead.

For over 17 years, Priya has coached and taught senior leaders at technology, pharmaceutical, and financial firms around the world, and has worked with leaders in oil and gas, media & entertainment, biotechnology, research & development, non-profit, academia, and professional services. She has designed and delivered top-rated online and in-person courses for many companies, including one of the most highly rated courses on Managing Conflict at Work. Priya is a highly sought-after coach, having diversified her range to include performance coaching, diversity & inclusion coaching, team coaching, and group & peer-to-peer coaching. She is certified in many psychological instruments, and is laser focused on furthering her training and knowledge in coaching and facilitation.

Priya studied Communications & Social Policy in her post-doctoral research at the University of Pennsylvania; completed her Doctorate in Human Development & Psychology at Harvard University; her Masters in Education at Harvard University; her Masters in Public Health at Yale University; and her Bachelors in Physical Education at Western University. She is a Certified Co-Active Coach.
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Suggested Length:75 min(Flexible)
# of Employees: Flexible
Delivery: Live via Zoom
Available Formats:
  • Keynote Followed by Q&A
  • Lecture with Discussion
  • Interactive Workshop

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