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Set short, intermediate, and long-term financial SMART goals
Get a savings and investing strategy in place. Keep it simple and automate it!
Choose the snowball, avalanche or emotional baggage method to pay down debt

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In this course, Hogan will teach the foundations of financial literacy, how every woman has the tools to become financially independent, and why it's imperative. We'll go over everything from establishing an emergency fund, setting S.M.A.R.T. financial goals, the basics of saving and investing, retirement planning, and managing debt. We'll also touch on the psychology of money and how to...

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Best for employees who like to listen with some engagement and discussion throughout.

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More About Catie Hogan

Catie Hogan is Head of Curriculum and the Founding Coach at Parthean, a personal finance education company. Previously, she was an associate at Element Financial Group, and the founder of Hogan Financial Planning. With each role, her main objective is always to educate, empower, and do her part in closing the wealth gap....

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Catie Hogan

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